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Basic One Year Listing $99.99
Basic one year listing paid monthly includes a link to your web site.  Why should you join?  If you do not get lots of traffic to your website, your listing will tell potential customers all about your business and can push them further to your site or just get them to go to your business.  If you like SEO, well this is a great way that when people look for you, they will find you easier.  We advertise this site to push traffic to you!  At less than $10 per month, this is a great deal. 
Join the team.   
A featured listing which is the next membership level rotates your listing on the home page and we share your profile on our Facebook page.  This basic listing does not give you that additional exposure.   The video section on your profile will be used for our promotional purposes of non-competing advertisers. 
Featured One Year Listing - see promo code $499.99
UPDATE: Due to the current situation, we offer 80% for all businesses.  Use promo code rangerdave 
Featured one year listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, 1 video spot, coupons and featured placement rotated on the home page.  Why should you join us?  We are more than a website.  We are advertised to over 100k social media fans.  We also reach out to JBLM with  February 2020 had over 110,000 visits!  This is a one time payment of $499.99 good for one year. 
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*** Exclusivity is taken for mortgage companies and we cannot allow another.  Exclusivity for real estate is available.  Call us for details.  360-900-1913 
During this time of crisis, we want to help all restaurants to continue to be successful. We are offering you a FREE listing valued at $499 per year.
There are categories that you want to list your restaurant. Ensure you add food and dining and also add "takeout" so that people can quickly find your restaurant that offers takeout and delivery.
This site averages over 50,000 monthly visits though in February we had over 100k visits! We also have over 100,000 local social media followers and we will share your listing to them.
All of this does come at a cost to us however we were able to receive some funding from the Nisqually Tribe and their Nisqually Post and Print shop which makes business cards, flyers, menus, banners and much more. I hope at some time you visit them.
Here are some additional measures that we suggest you take:
Update your website with your takeout hours
Update your Google My Business with hours
Update your facebook page and hours. Post regularly. Invite all of your friends to like your business page and get your employees to invite all of their friends as well.
Contact us to get started with Yelp! Yes, we know some dislike Yelp however many use Yelp to search for restaurants and they have a special "call to action" which will say "Order Takeout Now." We are a Yelp ad partner and will help to ensure that your profile is optimized.  360-900-1913
Please do a scan of your business to see how your business is seen online. This is crucial right now. START YOUR SCAN HERE
Overall, we can help you with all of the above.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 360-900-1913.
Continue to build your featured listing.
Dave "Ranger Dave" Maestas
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