1/21/2019  DiscoverDupont.com

DiscoverDupont.com was created by local marketing company, Maestro Strategic Solutions (MSS), a Veteran owned marketing company.  As MSS already works with one of Dupont's largest events, Hudson's Bay Heritage Days BBQ and Chili Competition, the creation of the website was to drive more traffic to the event.  This ensures that many people know about the event.  Most importantly, we want visitors from other areas to visit the event, stay in our hotels and eat at our local establishments.  What does this do?  It creates tax revenues for the city and people of Dupont.  Those tax revenues are crucial to any new initiatives that the people of Dupont may want whether it is for advanced life support, something that the mayor has stated was needed in his State of the City Address.  He stated, "Today we remain the only City in Pierce County, with a population over 1000 that does not have a reliable ALS capability."  Revenues can be used for public safety, repairing and replacing sidewalks, parks and playground , schools, social services and overall developing the city to make it an even better place to live.  Many have stated that they would like a Community Center.  Promoting Dupont and increasing visitation, helps to fund it.
We have a great golf course with the Home Course.   With its mission being “The Home of Golf in the Northwest,” the course will eventually house the offices of the WSGA and PNGA, as well as other allied golf associations, and also the Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame and other programs and initiatives that support and promote the region’s golf industry.  This will help to promote the city, but those that come to golf, need to know where to stay and all of the choices that they have to eat, get gas or other necessities that they may need while being here. 
So when you share DiscoverDupont.com, you not only help the city, you help your neighbors, you help yourselves.
Do you have an event?  Come see all of the events happening in Dupont.  We have a special events section and you can see what is happening in the area.  
Looking to sell your home?  Thousands of people are visiting the site.  They want to learn about Dupont and what is there.  We have a real estate section on the website that your realtor can share your home.  I hope to see it there.
Looking to buy or sell a vehicle?  We just launched a section so that you can announce it.   
When your business joins us, it allows us to promote you and the city even more.  Together, we can do more.  MSS also has other platforms which promotes DiscoverDupont.com.  These platforms to name a few include:
Overall across all of our platforms we have nearly 100,000 social media fans and followers.  There is no one promoting Dupont and our businesses like we are.  We also have a national presence for military consisting of half a dozen pages with over 20,000 followers which we use to promote the area.  Many of these military members will be stationed here with the 4th largest base in America, JBLM.  In fact, the 2nd largest market in Washington State is the military at JBLM and they live in Dupont, they work right next door.  You can't get closer to them and they leave JBLM on a daily basis in search of local businesses to eat and buy the goods and services that they want.
Analytics.  It is imperative to know how many people are visiting our site.  This is crucial for our businesses who joined us so that they know that we are ensuring that they are seen and give them the best chance for a return on investment with us.  So every month, we share the analytics with them.  This is the report thus far since we launched in late September.  These numbers are awesome.  Is your website getting this many views?
 In conclusion, using visiting DiscoverDupont.com, sharing us and collaborating with us as a business owner helps everyone.  We hope that we will be a great resource for you.  
If you have questions or comments, feel free to call us at 360-545-3874 or write to us at [email protected].
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