10/14/2018  DiscoverDupont.com
Dupont is one of the safest and vibrant communities in the Puget Sound.  It is conveniently located next to Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM).  With all the great things about the city, there is one interesting fact, there is no large grocery store.  
First, there is a grocery store known as the Dupont General Store located on Wilmington Drive, the same building as America's Credit Union holds.  You can find many of the common staples that you may want.  There is a "staffed commercial kitchen making handmade, homemade eats" along with some great soups served daily that will amaze your taste buds.  We highly suggest that you stop in.  We have recently heard that it may be sold but hopefully a new owner will take over and continue serving the city.  Click here for more and a map.
If you are looking for the big grocery shopping stores, you have two choices, North or South.  If you are military, you have three choices with the Commissary available to you nearby.
The closest grocery store to the North is Safeway off of Gravelly Lake Dr SW, in Lakewood.   It is a 15 minute drive if you go by I5.  We do suggest that you get to know the back way on the Dupont-Steilacoom road (see map) as I5 can quickly turn into a traffic mess.  We do find that prices are generally higher at Safeway and you may find that traveling a few more minutes to Albertsons is easier to get to using the Dupont-Steilacoom road.   Also to the North is Winco which as a grocery store has reduced prices on many items.  Finally, there is a Walmart on Bridgeport Way.
If you are military or a retiree, you have the opportunity to use the commissary on JBLM.  There are two locations, one on the Army side which is a close 10 minute drive and one on the Air Force side which can take around 20 minutes to get to.  We have found great sales there.  It's generally the most convenient place to go.
If you would like to go South and generally avoid some of the traffic that develops around JBLM and Tacoma on I5, Lacey is a quick drive to the South generally around 10 minutes off of Exit 111.  Safeway and Walmart are easy to get to.   Winco is also nearby for some of the staples that you need at better prices. 
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