10/2/2019  Discover Dupont
What is Discover Dupont and what do we do for the community?  Great question!
Here is a small list of what we do. 
1.  Assists in raising thousands of dollars of funds for Dupont's Hudson's Bay Heritage Days which portions of the funds serve youth programs in Dupont.
2.  Assists in acquiring vendors and sponsors for the Hudson's Bay Heritage Days and the annual Chili Cookoff.  
3.  Provides free advertising for the American Legion's events which contributes directly to the success of the events.  
4.  Assists in filling hotel rooms in Dupont - air crews from the Tacoma Freedom Fair's airshow stay in Dupont which we have a direct involvement in.  This brings in tax revenues which helps to fund all Dupont events. 
5.  Raises awareness with free advertising about events and causes in Dupont including the annual Wreaths Across America which raises over $3700 per year which a portion serves Dupont's youth programs.
6.  Reaches out to military across America via a nationwide network of social media to introduce them to Dupont as the place to look at first when planning to move to the JBLM area.
7.  Advertises Discover Dupont to the local community and Service Members living on JBLM to visit Dupont and buy from Dupont businesses and restaurants.
8.  Advises local businesses to contribute to the Dupont Historical Society
9.  Pays 50% of membership with the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce since Dupont does not have a chamber.
10. Provides an opportunity for those selling or renting property in Dupont to reach a larger audience which can help them get the most from their sale.
11.  Provides a free event listing service for the people of Dupont with events to assist with reaching maximum participation.
12.  Provides a free location to sell vehicles, boats and more.  
DiscoverDupont.com is an integral part of Dupont and the community.  We are very much a part of Dupont.  
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September was out biggest month with 60,000 visits!  There is no one else who highlights Dupont like we do. 
Check out our stats as we have grown month by month this year: