12/25/2018  Ranger Dave
Merry Christmas!
It is a great time of year as we celebrate Christmas but sometimes people get gifts that they don't want or don't need.  What can they do?  We know that many people will go to local Facebook BUY SELL SITES such as JBLM Buy Sell Trade where they can offload their stuff quickly.  I have found amazing deals on mostly brand new stuff during the first couple of weeks after each Christmas on that site.  
We do suggest that you are safe in your transactions.  Make sure others know where you are meeting up for the sale.  I like police stations or even the JBLM visitors parking lot.  You know that their cameras are watching.  For jewelry I would meet at a jewelry store for appraisal.  For cell phones, I would meet at the cell phone store where they can check to make sure that it isn't stolen and can be set up.  Sometimes people may owe money on the phone and so the phone is unsellable until paid off.  
If you buy any electronics, ensure that you are able to turn it on.  If you are buying a TV, there is nothing worse than finding out that you bought a large paperweight.  There are scammers out there.   If you are buying furniture, ask if there are any nicks or blemishes.  Pictures of items may hide them and you don't want to waste your time meeting up only to find the furniture item is all scratched up or falling apart.  I bought a small desk and as I was loading it into my truck, it completely fell apart like it was being held by glue.
Printers.  Ask if ink comes with the printer.  Google the printer and make sure that it is not more than 3 years old.  You don't want to get a printer than will only operate off of Windows 97.  
I am always amazed when I see people selling their underwear and even more amazed when people buy it.  I have seen it all.
So when you are ready for great deals, go check out JBLM Buy Sell Trade.  The only business posts allowed are those from Veteran or military (spouse included) businesses that are members of PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com so you are not bombarded with local business ads.