9/22/2019  Discover Dupont

"There is a really pathetic smear campaign happening in Dupont. Fortunately, it is filled with very smart people and it is not effective. Unfortunately, I think it is going to backfire catastrophically and could leave a bad taste in parts of the community. These tactics HAVE worked on national levels where inciting fear-mongering propaganda finds a certain population zeitgeist. It can not work here, in a community where people actually know their neighbors."  

Ron's people have doxed me and published my address and slandered my name across social media as they find they have to demonize someone for bringing out the truth about their campaign in one article.  Who does that to another Veteran as well?  Ron has yet to publicly tell his people to stop these activities.  Why Ron?  Maybe integrity isn't something you learned as a UDT guy. 
The facts are:
1.  Ron's people have slandered my name repeatedly for writing an article they didn't like.  They can't disagree with it.  It's true and everyone knows it. 
1.  He deleted his leftist rhetoric from his social media.  Why?  Why did he hide it?  Why have his closest people done the same?
2.  He surrounds his entire campaign by these same people.
3.  His trolls continue to harass and attack me without a single mention about refuting our article.  These are tactics by certain demographics who lack integrity and talent to lead.  
So when someone wants to write that others are conducting a smear campaign when clearly publishing the truth, guess who is lying to you... again? 
The truth is plain for anyone to see.  The fact is, not one single person has ever refuted our original article.  Not one ever contacted us, though we know they all saw it.  If you join their facebook group, you will see the hate and division within the group.  JOIN IT HERE IF THEY LET YOU IN.  You will see them blame me for every single page, post, website that disagrees with Ron.  It's beyond ridiculous at this point.  So we will fight back.  People do not need to be harassed for speaking the truth about a candidate.  What will happen if he becomes Mayor?  Do you think they will stop attacking people once they seize the Mayorship for disagreeing with their agenda?  Doubtful. 
You see, they need to demonize someone to focus their hate and blame for their antics.  They have focused on me.  Their bullying tactics to dox me and publish my address to incite someone to action is beyond despicable. But Ron's whole campaign has been full of bullying, lies and innuendo in order to gain power.  No one is surprised and I already expected it. 
Ron's people have taken pictures of Dupont citizens and posted then on social media claiming that it was my picture and to "help" people identify who I am and what my vehicle looks like.  NONE of those photos were me and in fact I was involved in sponsoring and helping to produce another community event at the time of the photos.  Who does this?  Ron's people do.  The evidence is quite clear who the bullies are. 
If you want to find out if someone is fake, ask Ron why he deleted all of his left wing rhetoric so that the people of Dupont can't see it.  Ask Ron why his people have bullied this author for writing the truth about his campaign.  Everyone knows it.  People have seen it and reported all of it to us.   
The strength of Dupont is fighting back against Ron's kind of people.  For when they take over, you will see that they will attack you as well if you disagree with them.  They will attack you on social media.  They will look into your background to attempt to discredit you.  They will blame you for everything that is written or published.  They will even threaten your business as they have done to me. 
THAT is who Ron and his people are.  THAT is what we truthfully published after being asked to probe into the Dupont election and see what is happening.  People were sick and tired of it.  Neighbors were turning on neighbors for supporting a candidate.  The division caused for selfish propaganda to achieve power over the people of Dupont is clearly seen. To argue that one was once a Republican or conservative while clearly their rhetoric is the complete opposite is more deceitful practices and if they will attempt to deceive you this way, what will they do when they seize power in Dupont?
For the record, I have friends of all political persuasions.  I respect people who act respectfully.  When personally attacked versus debated I will continue to write about it.  These are the kinds of political people that divide communities for their own personal gain and I will fight bullies. 
To see our original article CLICK HERE.  If you are in Dupont and haven't seen the article, you will find it dismaying to learn what we learned.  
Dave “Ranger Dave” Maestas is a 20-year retired Special Forces “Green Beret” and Airborne Ranger. He retired at the rank of Master Sergeant having served four tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan with two of them as the Team Sergeant of a 12-man Special Forces Team. He earned two bronze stars and numerous awards while in service. Since retiring five years ago he built a marketing and publishing company which is currently moving internationally. He manages over 300 social media pages and groups with well over 100,000 social media followers across multiple platforms and over 60 websites with over 150,000 monthly views.
Dave sits on several prestigious non-profit boards while spending countless days throughout the year for the good of the community and of course, Veterans. He helps to raise over $250,000 for these organizations cumulatively.
Video courtesy for all those who use our nation's public facilities for the good of a community.