11/30/2019  Mayor Courts

Every Vote Counts! As of today, the City of DuPont has only about 17% of the registered voters with ballots turned in. There are too many important issues to allow less than 1 in 5 voters make the decision for all of us. Who will lead our City; Mayor, Council Members, will we finally have paramedic support in DuPont, who will lead our School District and numerous issues related to taxes at the State. Be an informed voter, read the voters guide, talk to your friends and neighbors.
When you chose our next Mayor, you can listen to rhetoric or look at your city and results from the last 4 years.

When you do that, consider:

1. The first Mayor to take on the issues of street trees and sidewalks with an innovative 5-year program recognized by the Association of Washington Cities as a "Best Practice"
2. Improvements in our parks and green spaces, upgrading and replacing worn playground equipment and addition of a shelter and restroom at Iafrati Park, funded by County LTAC grant
3. Addition of alphanumeric trail markings on the trail system, integrated into Pierce County 9-11 system to provide better safety on our trail system
4. Real action to reduce congestion with the shifting of Amazon truck traffic off Center Drive to Wharf Road entrance
5. Increased foliage to thicken the green belt along Center Drive
6. Increased programs for youth, seniors and young adults
7. Expansion of community activities; concerts, festivals and special events
8. Establishment of a golf tourism industry in DuPont
9. Moving the City to a two year (biennial budget) aligning the City with State practices and improving financial planning
10. Adoption of a Council Committee system to better represent voters and integrate Council Members in policy development
11. Increased restrictions on development in the Old Fort Lake area, reducing building sizes and adding residential uses
12. Annual projects, funded by State grants to improve our Museum and better present our rich history
13. Securing $3.9 mil in funding from the State Legislature to expand DuPont-Steilacoom Road and reduce the impact of commercial and commuter traffic inside the City
14. Restored landscaping to Center Drive, reducing maintenance and adding drought tolerant and native species
15. A Mayor selected by County leadership to represent Pierce County on the regional transportation policy board
16. Strong Leadership during critical events; Amtrak derailment, Snowmaggedon, Bluff Fire
17. Four straight years of clean State Audits, validating financial and ethical practices at the City government
18. Financial policies identified nationally by the S&P as "best practices" for small cities working to improve their credit rating
19. Transfer of the Community Garden from Intel to City property and integrating that program into the City to better support our gardeners
20. Securing a revenue bond to build a new Public Works Facility, restore the Hoffman Hill water tank and convert the City to remote water meter reading, without increasing taxes or scheduled utility rates
21. Upgrading our water purification systems to provide safer, cleaner and more cost-effective drinking water

These are not platitudes; these are real things that have taken place under my leadership during the past 4 years.

I will not make promises I cannot keep. I have the experience and a proven record of leadership and accomplishment to guide our City, working with our City Council, Staff and most importantly, Citizens. I spent 4 years on City Council working with Mayor Grayum, Staff and other Council members to guide our City out of the recession and restore essential services. During this time, I put in the time and effort to learn Municipal Government and prepare myself to serve as Mayor. As Mayor I have led the effort to see DuPont fulfill the vision of NW Landing. Challenges still remain as we work to develop a Public Safety capability that best meets the needs of our community, bring the programs, services and features to the City you ask for, protect and restore our precious environmental and historical assets and grow our commercial sector in a responsible way that creates jobs, provides revenues while protecting our quality of life.
These are the challenges and opportunities facing us and with your vote I will continue to work with our Council to make DuPont the "Crown Jewel of the South Sound" and fulfill our vision of being a "Great Place to Live, Work and Play."

Please share this to those that you know in Dupont.