5/22/2019  City of Dupont

 For the past decade, the City of DuPont has sponsored a trails day event to promote the South Pierce County city’s extensive trails network.
SequaliShoot is part of American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day (americanhiking.org/national-trails-day/). The city’s tourism board invited DuPont-based photographer Kate Lynch to lead a 24-hour photo contest to capture experiences and sights by photographers of all ages. She designed the challenge in 2013 and repeated it in 2014 and 2018.

The SequaliShoot Photo Challenge asks photographers to take their best shot of any of DuPont’s trails – in 24 hours – and submit up to three images by June 7. The challenge begins at noon on Saturday, June 1, and ends at noon on June 2. SequaliShoot is a made-up word derived from Sequalitchew, the historic creek and trail that was once used by the Nisqually Tribe and the original Fort Nisqually workers to transport goods to and from Puget Sound.

“What I came up with for them is a photography challenge that would level the playing field for photographers of all abilities,” Kate Lynch said. “The first year for SequaliShoot, first place went to a professional photographer and second place went to a 9-year-old who was photographing with an iPhone.”

There are two judging levels – one for young people up to age 17 and one for adults 18 and older. Prizes will be made for first and second place in the youth category and the adult category, and people’s choice. Award winners will be invited to exhibit their work at DuPont City Hall. First prize in both categories is a $75 gift certificate. Second prize is a $50 gift certificate. People’s choice is a $25 gift certificate. All winners also receive an insulated metal water bottle.

Signup online at www.DuPontWAPhoto.com or in person before noon on Saturday, June 1, at DuPont City Hall, 1700 Civic Drive, DuPont, WA 98327.

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