1/10/2019  DiscoverDupont.com
Are you a military Spouse?  We want you to know about this.  We need you to know about this.  Why?  You can get help but you can also help others.  At some point, you will hear a Spouse say that they have an emergency and need money.  There is a place for you to get that help. 
Military families have more to think about with deployments and even training that can take our spouses away for weeks and sometimes months at a time.  Many spouses quickly learn to become self sufficient with many fixing their own plumbing problems, changing the oil in the cars and handling hundreds of other issues that arise.
Sometimes, issues can cost money.  No matter where one is in their military career, major expenses can arise which you may not be able to afford.  So what can you do?
For Soldiers and their families, that is where Army Emergency Relief comes in.  AER is amazing!  They provide scholarships, grants and 0% loans for soldiers and their families. They now have direct access so soldiers are not required to go through their command.  Did you know that AER can also help retirees?  This is a great benefit.  
"I sat in their office yesterday when a spouse called in requesting to defer a loan payment. She just started a new job and paycheck was very small. Her husband (retired Army) has been ill and can not work. Without hesitation the manager of that group said “consolidate their two loans, decrease their monthly payment and defer it for 3 months”. So heartwarming to watch how much they truly to care." - Krista Anderson 
When you need help, don't hesitate to ask.  It is there for you.  We do encourage everyone to make a donation to AER.  As a Soldier or Retiree, you can set up automatic allotments.  Every little bit helps.  Click on the donate button above to get started.
Are you Air Force, Marine, Navy our Coast Guard?  There is help for you as well.  Click below to get started, donate and learn more. 
Special help available for past and present Airborne Rangers with the US Army Ranger Association.   
DiscoverDupont.com is Army retiree and Veteran owned.  If you ever have any questions, we will be glad to help as much as we can.