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Freedom Fair versus Freedom Fest
What is the difference?
I get asked this question all of the time.  This can be confusing to those looking to attend and those businesses that want to set up a booth.
The "Tacoma Freedom Fair" is a Washington State, 4th of July, regional event with people coming from Canada and all over the Pacific Northwest.  It is held in Tacoma along the Ruston Way Waterfront.  It is FREE to attend.  There are 125,000 people who attend this event for 41 years now.  It is Washington State's largest one-day event.  You would think, "Wow, that's crowded!"  But this event is two miles long with many parks along the way that people relax in as they eat delicious food especially.  
The Tacoma Freedom Fair has an airshow.  Our military's fighter jets and others will perform a spectacular air show.  This has the whole area excited!  The Freedom Fair has 7 stages of live music.  Some of the top bands in the state come and play.  These stages vary by music genre and some stages have entertainment.  
The Tacoma Freedom Fair has a huge kids zone with bouncy houses, games and more.  The prices are more inexpensive than most events in the area.  The idea is to help families have fun without making them go broke. 
The largest section of the Tacoma Freedom Fair is called, "Camp Patriot."  The South Sound is very connected to the military and Veteran community.  Everyone here knows someone who served or has a friend that they work with who is a Veteran.  There are 1/2 a million Veterans here.  The main stage has great music and that evening's performances close with the "Armed Forces Icon."  Armed Forces Icon is a competition between Service Members & Veterans as they compete in an American Idol style signing competition.  This is a fun show for the whole family. 
There are many food vendors, lots of exhibits, a car show and much more.  Bring your walking shoes as you will need them.  
It all ends with a spectacular fireworks show that has been noted by the Travel Channel as one of the top 10 fireworks shows in the country.   If you want an amazing experience and if you have never been to this event before, you will love the Tacoma Freedom Fair.   If you are a business owner, the booth fees for the Tacoma Freedom Fair are significantly less than the Freedom Fest.  With being able to reach 125,000 people and over 1 million people seeing the advertising, this is a great bang for your buck with reasonable opportunity for an ROI.  Click here for Freedom Fair booth information. 
The "JBLM Freedom Fest" is the 4th of July event held on Joint Base Lewis McChord.  The event includes a stage of live music, roving entertainers, food fun and fireworks.  I have seen bouncy houses there in the past as well.  Generally, attendance has been reported at 25,000 who gather at Cowan Stadium in the middle of JBLM.   
All visitors to the installation are subject to search, as are vehicles, purses, backpacks and other hand-carried items entering the base. Weapons, glass bottles, fireworks of all kinds, and pets will not be permitted on the festival grounds. Medical alert and medical assistance animals are permitted. Marijuana is illegal on JBLM.

Drivers should bring a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Passengers age 16 and older must bring a state or federal government-issued photo ID to be admitted to the installation.  
Keep checking JBLMTalk.com for announcements about what this year's Freedom Fest will entail.   
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