2/3/2019  DiscoverDupont.com
Still on the fence about joining DiscoverDupont.com?
I know, you're thinking, why should I join?
Let's look at other advertising that you are doing in the area.  I know the costs of local print.  I know especially that print may be looked at then discarded in the trash.  Well, we are digital.  People are coming back over and over to see which businesses are here to visit or use for services.   The stats can't be argued and we are huge into analytics to measure success.  
Since we launched at the end of September, we have huge numbers.  If you track the analytics on your website, you know that these numbers are amazing for a new website especially.  We will only grow.  Here is the greatest thing.  Other than the website, we didn't have to spend a great deal of money to do it.  
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How do we do this?  We are more than a website.  We are owned by local Veteran owned marketing company, Maestro Strategic Solutions LLC.   We have 100k local social media fans and members in our groups.  If we can do this for a website, guess what we can do for your business?  It all starts by creating or claiming your listing on this site.  
Schedule a time for us to discuss more by clicking HERE.  We look forward to working with you.  
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