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It’s been a long winter and the whole family is ready for a break from the everyday drain of work and school. Many families and individuals are about to embark on trips to various destinations on tropical vacations and to family destinations. This short break is meant for fun and sun, the last thing your family needs is a head lice infestation to ruin your beautiful vacation.


Warm Weather Lice

The start of the warmer weather tends to lead to an increase in head lice outbreaks. The winter brings lots of sharing hats, hoodies, jackets, and other winter gear that spread head lice. When the warm weather comes that sharing turns to ponytail holders, baseball caps, and sleepovers. The more it warms up the more time children spend playing together outside and joining in outdoor activities and teams, in turn leading to sharing and spreading more head lice. 

Vacation Time for Lice Too

Head lice enjoy traveling too, and if you’re not careful can follow along with you on your vacation. Whether visiting family and staying at their home or staying in a hotel, lice enjoy your vacation with all the close quarters. Vacations often include close travel, sleeping, and sometimes living accommodations, which are all terrific breading grounds for head lice. Limit the spread of lice by not sharing bedding, towels, hair accessories, and laying with heads close together. Battling head lice is a terrible way to spend your vacation so make sure you know the signs and look for the symptoms. *We suggest locating your nearest Lice Clinics of America location as a precaution if you’re traveling in the United States.*

Head Lice Signs and Symptoms

As soon as head lice have found a new host they begin to settle in feeding and laying eggs on the host’s scalp. One female can lay up to 5 eggs per day, eggs can often be found behind the ears, near the neckline, and around the crown of the head. Symptoms can take up to 2-3 weeks to notice so lice can really multiply before you even now they are present. This is why it’s important to do lice checks if you are aware of current outbreaks in your area or home. Some common symptoms include: an itchy scalp, feeling of moving in your hair, and sores or red spots on your head, neck, and shoulders.

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