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Benefits of Online Business Directories 

Amazingly, 79% of customers do research online before visiting a store.  Businesses who have a large online presence are the ones who seem to be doing better than others these days.  More people are flocking to the Internet for answers, suggestions, and ideas.
Benefits of Online Business Directories
  1. Improve online presence. The more business directories you add your business to, the more frequently you will appear in search results. Consider that each local listing profile is an additional website for your business. Ensure it is up to date & has pictures of your product or service.  Make sure your contact information such as email and phone number are there. An estimated 50% of mobile queries have "local intent."  This means that if your business shows up in a local listing such as Yelp, Angie’s List, YellowPages, or Google My Business, then you are vastly improving your online mobile presence. Local sites such as DiscoverDupont.com can help significantly.
  2. Boost website SEO. Search engine optimization ensures your website appears in the top search results spots for target keywords. If you are a local hamburger joint, you may be optimizing your website for phrases such as “best hamburger” or “hamburger restaurant.” Local business directories such as DiscoverDupont.com also optimizes their site for these keywords. Since online business directories have a high domain authority, they are more likely to appear higher in search results for the same keywords. Imagine, if DiscoverDupont.com has 17k+ monthly visitors and over 23k views on Google searches alone, they are appearing more frequently than other businesses in the area.  When you create a listing profile on these reputable sites, your business will appear more frequently than perhaps your website will.  DiscoverDupont.com uses keywords to drive traffic to the site.  Keywords such as restaurants, orthodontists, gyms, hotels, dentists and of course, "hamburgers" and "pizza."
  3. Increased brand visibility. Creating or updating your business profile on a directory site is proven to increase brand visibility. Include as much information as possible. For instance, DiscoverDupont.com allows business owners to upload a company logo, pictures of the business and even a video. That is also why it is important to have a professional logo created that you can add to both your website and these third party listing websites. The more sites you add your company information to, the greater the chances that users will see your logo and identify with your brand and what you offer.
  4. Improve business reputation. Business directories such as Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp all allow customers to leave a review about their experience with your product or service. While many business owners are afraid of reviews, they offer you the ability to improve your business reputation. If you need help with reviews, contact Maestro Strategic Solutions (below) and they will show you the best means to collect reviews and ensure that your reviews remain high.  Just remember, a negative review can be turned into a more positive experience when handled properly. When you are communicating effectively to your clients or customers, expect the majority of your reviews to be positive. These reviews can then be shared on social media and you can even list them on your website.
  5. Dominate search results. When it comes to a search results page, think of a Monopoly board. While playing Monopoly, the goal is to acquire as many properties on the board as possible to increase the chances that other players will land on your Real estate. The same thing applies to a search results page; the more your website appears on the search page, the more likely users are to click on your website. One of the best ways to ensure that your site appears often in search results is by creating local business profiles on directory sites such as DiscoverDupont.com.
Local Sites That You Should Join
DiscoverDupont.com - Discover Dupont's information, events, real estate and local businesses.
NightOutTacoma.com - Pierce County - restaurants, theater, nightlife, bars and lounges, and performing artists.
OlympiaNightOut.com - Thurston County -  restaurants, theater, nightlife, bars and lounges, and performing artists.
Macaroni Kid - South Pierce County - A site that Moms visit to see what is happening in the area and find local businesses.
Macaroni Kid - Thurston County - A site that Moms visit to see what is happening in the area and find local businesses
PugetSoundVeteranBusiness.com - A site for Veteran business owners, military and military spouses.  
DiscoverJBLM.com - Discover JBLM's information, events, real estate and local businesses.
DiscoverThurston.com - Discover Thurston County's information, events, real estate and local businesses
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