9/9/2019  Dave Maestas
Photo of Mayor Mike Courts 
A Look Into Dupont From the Outside 
A couple of months ago we were approached to look at what is happening in Dupont and the elections. We were specifically asked to look for corruption and anything illegal within the government. Some wanted answers as they "didn’t know what to believe." Many know me as tenacious in everything that I do but as I am not a resident of Dupont and don’t have a leg in the election, I could provide good feedback.  We also thought at first that we were being asked to do the dirty work for a political side (we were suspicious of all sides) but we took the challenge anyways. We watched city council meeting recordings. We spoke to many. We asked opinions. Most importantly, we watched what was being said on social media. Two months of digging and we grew frustrated. Surely we had to find something as there were so many accusations being spread and by people who were supposedly "good citizens.” In the end, we requested an interview of the Mayor to get his side. Finally, we asked some of our fellow Green Berets and Airborne Rangers to dig and instigate those who were making accusations to goad them into providing evidence since we got nothing. Now granted, all of this work was done and we aren’t getting paid by anyone. Not one dime. I cancelled my yearly vacation to NY to see my wife’s family and my wife and kids went without me. Unfortunately my mother-in-law passed away while they were there and I was too deep in this to stop. I sacrificed for this and the only thing I anticipate to get out of it is lots of trolling and threats based on what I found. But if everyone digs deep within themselves, you will see how absurd things have become. As a 20 year Special Forces Green Beret and Airborne Ranger turned publisher and reporter, I do expect a backlash but of course, we are well prepared. I already know all of those involved in this election and who is behind the scenes. This was not done without deep reflection on what will happen next. Most importantly, no matter the outcome, we thought it would be a great story for the people of Dupont and for DiscoverDupont.com to share which has over 49,000 monthly visits (last 4 month average) to the site which means that we have many more followers than the campaigns.
What we found was alarming. We found not one single evidence of corruption or illegal activity from Mayor Courts or those within the city. Not one person who was specifically asked to provide evidence after making accusations, provided anything. Not one document. Not one recording. Nothing. So one has to ask, what is really going on?
Overall, the people of Dupont should be happy about this. But more importantly, they should be alarmed of the actions of a few who have created hate, divisiveness and an ugliness that I have only seen at the national level. We live in a time where people get on social media and spew hatred in order to gain power. What we found, was a level of deceit perpetuated on the people of Dupont and it is most egregious. Of course, we have a 1st amendment where people can make baseless claims and innuendo seemingly without repercussion. But the people of Dupont now have the obligation to look at this factually, rather than through emotion. Imagine if someone threw baseless accusations about you, your spouse, your kids or even your dog just because they wanted power so badly. How would you feel? You would be pissed. You should be pissed that this is happening right now in Dupont because if you are on the wrong side, you could be next.
We have seen the exact same baseless accusations and rhetoric seen at the national level over the past few years. We have demanded from people who made accusations, that if they were aware of illegal activity, it is their duty to report it to the police. If there was ethics violations, it is your duty to report it as an American. Yet, no one has reported anything or nothing was found that would be cause for removal of anyone in the Dupont government.
We found Ron Frederick's people making threats to supporters of Mayor Courts. We found threats of boycotts to local businesses who supported the mayor. Even I was threatened for asking for evidence of these claims. If I had found a shred of evidence on Mayor Courts, this article would be completely different. It would be my obligation as an American citizen, a Veteran who fought 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a “Green Beret" to report it. We found all of these despicable actions within the campaign of Ron Frederick. Now, I am sure that Ron is a good man and at his age is probably oblivious to all of it as I am sure he would be the first to not allow this kind of activity. In fact, we would ask once he reads this that the very first thing he does (before attacking us), is to call a staff meeting and tell his people that these kinds of unethical behaviors need to stop. But the fact remains, these antics are being perpetuated on the good people of Dupont for political gain by those who are propping Ron up to run for office. They want power so badly that they will say and do anything to the people of Dupont to win. Sound familiar? In case you missed it, we just lived through it at a national level. The people of Dupont all deserve better.
Campaigns should not hide behind closed groups. They shouldn’t mob a facebook page or a post in order to try and bully others from “liking,” or commenting on posts. People of Dupont are actually scared to react or show support on social media because they fear the backlash that they would get from Ron’s side. Is anyone afraid that a Mayor Courts supporter would threaten them? No. Why? Real leaders don’t allow this. Good people don’t act this way. People should not have to live in fear because of the trolling of others on social media. It’s the most distasteful activity on social media and even worse, Dupont is a small community. Everyone sees you. Everyone can see who you really are. If you win, the people will live in fear under you. Is that really who you are and what you want Ron?
Have you ever read the book “Lord of the Flies” or seen the movie? The boy Ralph is hated by Jack and and his tribe. Jack hates Ralph so much that he has sharpened a stick at both ends, implying their rebel tribe intends to hunt Ralph like a pig and behead him. In fact, Jack orders his tribe to begin a hunt for Ralph. That is the state of politics in Dupont right now. Dupont residents live in fear of Ron’s people and if you are offended by me reporting that, take a hard look at what you are doing. People of Dupont TOLD me this. Neighbors have turned on neighbors. Friends are no longer friends. You can’t argue with their feelings of fear in their own community. Before anyone or the city is seriously hurt, take a look at your actions. This is a small community. A small city. People should not have to live in fear of a possible incoming Mayor and his staff. If the wrong group of people gain control over Dupont and you call them out for illegal or unethical behavior, what do you think is going to happen? They are going to troll you on social media. They are going to investigate you to look for anything that they can find to use against you. That is what people like this do. Do you think anything will be different once they gain power? No, they will feel like they were entitled, voted into office by the people to act this way. 
Throw out all of the rhetoric and what do you find about Dupont? It is one of the safest cities in Washington State. The taxes are some of the lowest. The city is prospering. The city is moving forward in a great direction. Did you go to the Hudson's Bay Heritage Days BBQ event this year? Truly one of the best festivals in the South Sound to attend and this was the 3rd year. Everyone who went said it was one of the best events that they have ever been to and that’s from the BBQ grill masters who aren’t from Dupont. Many more positive things are happening in Dupont. This doesn’t happen without leadership. This doesn’t happen without experience. But there are those creating such an act of hysteria and conducting negative campaigning that others who may want to serve Dupont will take a hard look and say, “It’s not worth it!” It should not be this way. Not in Dupont.
End the insanity now. If you want to fight for your candidate, do it with honor and integrity.  Do it with facts and evidence.
Dave “Ranger Dave” Maestas is a 20-year retired Special Forces “Green Beret” and Airborne Ranger. He retired at the rank of Master Sergeant having served four tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan with two of them as the Team Sergeant of a 12-man Special Forces Team. He earned two bronze stars and numerous awards while in service. Since retiring five years ago he built a marketing and publishing company which is currently moving internationally. He manages over 300 social media pages and groups with well over 100,000 social media followers across multiple platforms and over 60 websites with over 150,000 monthly views. 
Dave sits on several prestigious non-profit boards while spending countless days throughout the year for the good of the community and of course, Veterans. He helps to raise over $250,000 for these organizations cumulatively.
Sept 20, 2019 - Ron's people contact the League of Women voters to demand the suppression of 1st amendment rights of voters and information displayed for the public.  The LWV in their great honor for democracy, declines their request.  
Sept 22, 2019 - Ron's people are slandering the author across social media.  No one has refuted this above to us.  Not one call, denial, email.  Nada.
Sept 23, 2019 - Ron's people attempt to duplicate my personal facebook page and create a facebook page with my info on it.  Then they posted across social media to make it seem like I was the one posting.  Oh, that has to be the most deceitful thing we have seen yet Ron.  You can't duplicate Dave's 5000 friends on Facebook, Ron.   Facebook noticed it was created by a "Jeffrey Ballard" who appears to be a fictitious name.  They are checking the IP address for Jeffrey to determine the actual account holder.  You know we are on the right track when a mayoral candidate's crew stoops this low.  
Oct 1, 2019 - Ron's people have posted my home address and threatened my family. They have taken pictures of people in Dupont who they thought were me and posted them online for nefarious reasons.  Every opposition Facebook page to their agenda is now being stated that I am behind it.  News flash.  I am not.   Some people need to have an enemy and when they don't know who it is, they will create an enemy to direct attention.
Oct 9, 2019 - Ron's people claim I am stalking them on LinkedIn.  News flash, once I noticed that Ron's people viciously posted a link to my LinkedIn profile onto social media and I saw a rash of Ron's people going to my profile, I clicked on their accounts and blocked them.  Fact.  That is not stalking. 
Oct 17, 2019 - Ron's people call the Tacoma Tribune and beg them to write a story that I am harassing and threatening people.   All of this in an attempt to damage my character and persuade Dupont voters not to read this article.
Oct 19, 2019 - Ron's people call influential leftists in Thurston County and demand that they contact friends of mine stating that they need to stay away from me.  The calls were made.  My friends told them where to go.
Oct 25, 2019 - Ron's people use propaganda arm Tacoma Tribune and a supposed "reporter" to write a story failing to highlight that the hate and division created by Ron's campaign as we stated above has been going on throughout this entire year.  This didn't just start recently.  Ron's people are guilty of the hate and division and everyone is well aware of it.  As we reported, Dave Maestas' Facebook profile was cloned and we never asked Facebook to probe into it.  We know exactly who it was.  See the September 23rd post above.  The "reporter" made up her own facts despite seeing this article.  This is why no one trusts fake news.  We have called upon all of the fake profiles and dirty politics to end (above), of course, Ron's people continue by doubling down on their fake accusations and using the Tacoma Tribune to further their propaganda.
"End the insanity now. If you want to fight for your candidate, do it with honor and integrity. Do it with facts and evidence." 
 - Dave Maestas

(We were sent this video below.  Enjoy.)